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Master Class currently has the following firearms for purchase.

Please note that due to the UK firearms laws firearms cannot be mail ordered - purchases must be face-to-face or transfer to a Registered Firearms Dealer only.

Please phone or email us for more details.

KMR S-01.22 LBP

From £1899


Based on the CZ SP02 'Shadow' design, and equipped with many custom features as standard, this is head and shoulders above it's rivals. Comes with 3 magazines, spare springs and cleaning set. Can be upgraded with red dot sights and custom upgrades (see shop page).

kmr s-01.jpg

Franchi Affinity 1 *SALE!!*



Limited offer - when they're gone, they're gone! 12g, section 1, 26" barrel, full set of interchangeable chokes, 3" chamber, inertia recoil system. Superb gun for clays, rough shooting, vermin control, or a perfect platform to build the ideal action shooting or practical gun!


Tippmann Arms M4 'Pro' and 'Elite'

From £999


The perfect 'metal' .22LR AR style rifle. 'Elite' is available in 'L' (16" barrel or 'S' (12.5" barrel). 'Pro' is available in 12.5" only

Light and easy handling, it is a superb choice for 'Minirifle' and steel plate shooting, or general target shooting.


Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 .22LR

From £725


Most models of this light and handy carbine are generally available.

Phone for prices and availability - we don't like to be beaten on price!


Firebird Precision Custom Akdal MKA1919 12g section 1 semi auto shotgun



This Akdal MKA1919 has all the custom goodies from the prestigious Firebird Precision custom shop, including aluminium forend with front racking handle, billet aluminium receiver, which gets rid of the flimsy factory polymer item, and allows use of an AR stock and pistol grip (supplied). Comes with 3 x 10 round and 2 x 5 round magazines.


Mossberg 590 pump action section 1 shotgun



Superb little-used  example of this iconic shotgun. 10 shot capacity, Nordic extension tube. Gun has been modified by Teague for screw in choke tubes, and comes with 2 sets (flush and extended) of 3 chokes. Loading port opened to allow fast insertion of cartridges.

Great top level gun for practical shotgun or pest control.


Browning Auto 5 semi auto section 1 shotgun



Clean used example of this iconic shotgun, designed over a hundred years ago by the legendary John Browning. Newer short recoil design, auto load facility when loading from empty. Great gun for rough shooting, informal clays or pest control.


Winchester SXP pump action section 1 shotgun



Very nice used  example of this very good value and underrated shotgun. 10 shot capacity, TacStar extension tube.

Good starter gun for practical shotgun or pest control.


Grand Power X Trim Plus .22 LBP Full Custom



Another fabulous example of the Grand Power XTrim Plus. This one is completely competition focused, so as well as the factory supplied big mag release and wide ambi safety, it has a carbon fibre barrel and rear rod, lightened slide, full Cerakote 'Titanium' finish, magazine well, single action trigger conversion and match trigger tune, slimline backstrap, genuine Shield SMS 8moa mini red dot sight and slide mount, and 4 extended magazines. All custom work on this gun was performed by Master Class.

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