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Magload DQL 8 up Cartridge Caddy


Made in the UK, the new Magload DQL is the Rolls Royce of cartridge caddies.

This shotgun cartridge caddy will hold shells in the perfect position to quadload with ease. From the overlapped rims to the specifically engineered 1.1kg magnetic release force, this product is manufactured from the finest materials with a “No Compromise” philosophy.

* CNC precision machined, super tough Delrin cartridge holders
* Rare earth magnets for secure retention
* Laser cut stainless steel backplates for rigid, durable construction
* All hardware is stainless steel
* Will accept all popular mounting systems, such as Teklok, ELS, etc.

Also available is the quick release kit, which allows rapid, tool free adjustment of your DQL to allow for changes in cartridge length - particularly useful when switching between birdshot, slug and buck.