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Magload 'Nexus' shotgun cartridge caddy

£130.00 (Sold out)

This is the latest in versatility and ease of use. The Nexus loading system is MAGLOAD’s new bank-style loader, completely UK made, set-and-forget shotgun cartridge caddy in 28 round (£310.00), 20 round (£220) and 12 round (£130) configurations. It can be set up either Right or Left handed and once assembled needs no further adjustment. Ever.

Featuring  MAGLOAD’s signature low release force and high shell retention along with a host of new features to make your life easy, and designed with the most shooter input yet from all levels in the sport – this is everything you’ve been asking for.

Spend more time planning your stage and less time adjusting your belt with the new Nexus modular loading system.

Attach to a wide belt with the supplied Velcro, or to a (up to 2.5") belt with Teklok clips, available in the online shop.