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Easyhit Fibre Optic shotgun bead


The EASYHIT Fibre Optic Shotgun Sight.

This is the long (131mm) model. The most effective for gathering maximum light.

Available in red or green, 3mm diameter bead.

• Easyhit is a luminous bead suitable for all lighting conditions.
• Manufactured using the best optic fibres.
• Gains in speed and accuracy.
• Improve your shot due to an improved simultaneous view of the target and the luminous point.
• Allows aiming with both eyes open: the luminous point indicates the firing axis.
• Perfect for beginners or experienced shooters, allowing constant concentration while shooting.
• Helps to correct problems with eye dominance.
• Significantly better in weak light, dark background or a back ground with little contrast.
• Simple attachment using an adhesive strip.
• No adjustment, your aiming height remains unchanged
• Full instructions included
• Fitted in minutes, can be removed easily
• Your original bead can remain in place, the Easyhit will fit behind your original bead.

RRP is £30, so save £££££££s!