Master Class Custom Guns

Shotgun Gunsmithing Services

All custom Shotgun can be undertaken, please contact us for quote


Examples of custom work prices:


Weld up Shotgun Loading Gate Lifter £50

Loading port modification (basic) £90

Loading Port modification (competition) £155

Shotgun Trigger work From £45

Magazine Shell Stop lighten and polish £35

Easyhit fibre optic bead, red or green £25

Big Bolt Release Button (inc. part, Drill, Tap Etc.) £35

Extended carrier release tab £35

Shot Saver supply and fit £35

Custom bolt release lever £55

Out of battery load mod (M2 type guns) £15

Ghost load mod (M2 type guns) £15

Extend safety button £40

Option 3 loader supply and fit £12.00

Conversion from Section 2 (shotfun) to Section 1 (FAC) £95

Reproofing £110


Fitting and Tuning of Magazine Tube, Clamps & Springs .... £20 (Free if parts are purchased through Master Class)

IMG_1917 M2 loading port M2 loading port 1